Meet Nikky Wilder Meet Nikky Wilder

XLGirls is in the cups! The triple D-cups! Please meet and greet another new XL Girl this month! Meet Miss Nikky Wilder, a hot blonde from California with brown eyes and 38DDD-cups.

We're telling you her eye color because you probably won't look at them once you see her big knockers.

"I was wearing a C-cup before my friends even had A-cups!" Nikky says proudly. A girl who loves her tits. More power to her.

Nikky's debuting with this opening pictorial, a matching video and a bonus video, all in one shot.

"I love to read, hike and go to the movies. I found out about XLGirls through Twitter. Before I thought about becoming a model, the most-fun job I've had was in retail. It sounds boring but I made it fun."

Nikky's a live wire and ready to blow your socks off in the weeks ahead. "Since I have boobs, I enjoy showing them off. Low-cut V-necks and tank tops are my favorite things to show off my titties. I usually wear a bra. I cannot go without one or it feels weird."

"The funniest thing a guy ever said to me was, 'Do you have any Italian in you? No? Do you want one?'"

Now for Nikky on-video. You'll love her!

See More of Nikky Wilder at XLGIRLS.COM!

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